We repair most smartphones like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia & More. If we can get the parts from our suppliers, we’ll fix it. We don’t use any cheap parts that are found on the likes of eBay & Amazon.


We also repair other random electronics. Car starters, USB cables for X-ray machines, gun for shockwave therapy, GPS units..etc


We repair MacBooks. Repairs include virus removal, upgrade operating system, water damage, DC jacks, & more.

Video Game Consoles

We repair most video game consoles including older generations. Anything from Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, & even Atari! Typical repairs for video game consoles include replacing the laser, BGA Rework, DVD drives, and cleanings.
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Who We Are

Coleman’s Mod & Repair is an independent repair shop dedicated to repairing smartphones and video game consoles. We have many different types of machines that not many other repair shops possess. Some of the machines we own are Scotle IR360 for BGA rework, Omano microscope for microsoldering, Branson Ultrasonic cleaner for water damage, Hakko soldering equipment, and many others.