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Seekers Choice Awards 2016

For the 2nd year in a row we have been nominated for best home based business. It’s an absolute honour to be recognized and nominated by the community. We absolutely love what we do and it’s a pleasure serving the community for all your electronic repair needs. Below you will find a link to place your votes for the Seekers Choice Awards. Voting ends May 20th. 

Thank you to everyone who has nominated and/or voted for us. We truly appreciate it.


What is Apple error 53? Here’s why you want to know what it is

Apple has been adding new features to their products which offer new ways to use your phones like the touch ID and Apple pay. Unfortunately, the way some of the new features work, you’re required to use the original parts in the phone to use them. Apple has programmed the home buttons on the newest devices to the CPU. So now, if you try to restore or upgrade the iOS on your device and it detects it’s not the original home button that came with the device you will get error 53. The only way to repair error 53 is to have the original home button or go to Apple and get it repaired. If you are required to go to Apple, there is no guarantee that they will fix your device. They may end up replacing your device and you will lose everything on the phone. There is no independent repair shop that can repair this error.

If you break the screen on your device, you can still get it repaired and keep the same home button. However, the home button is adhered to the glass with some pretty strong adhesive and can be easily damaged if not removed carefully. Some repair shops may not be aware of this problem and replace the home button without telling you. They may replace the screen and not proceed with caution and rip the cable. We are aware of the problems that may arise from a torn home button and can guarantee you that we exercise absolute caution when repairing them. With that being said, be mindful of this error when you break your screen or want to change the look of your device and get a different colour screen assembly. Shopping around for the cheapest price to repair your phone may cost you a lot more in the long run.


The current list of devices effected by this is the following:

iPhone 6
iPhone 6+
iPad Mini 3

We will update this post as we confirm other devices that will suffer from this problem.


Looking to outsource advanced repairs?

o you own a repair shop? Would you like to start offering advanced repairs for your customers but don’t have the skills or tools to perform them?Coleman’s Mod & Repair would love to work with you and perform these repairs.

What you will receive by outsourcing to us:

Discount pricing
Priority service
Why choose us to perform your repairs?

5 years experience
Repairs done on location
Large variety of parts in stock
We use professional equipment to perform repairs
Outstanding reputation
If you would like to work with us, please contact us using the form on our contact page.  Please include the following.

Your name
Store name
Your position
Website or social media links
What type of repairs you’d be interested in


So you dropped your phone in water…

What is the most common thing people think of when they drop their phone in water? “Hurry! Get it in rice!”. I don’t know where the idea of this “repair” came from, but unfortunately it’s not going to fix the problem. The best thing you can do is get it professionally repaired by a shop that has the proper tools to repair it. Water damaged phones need to be stripped down to the bare bones and cleaned properly for the best chance at a repair. If you leave your phone in rice overnight and then try to turn it on the next day, most likely your phone is going to short out from the water still trapped inside. The last thing you want to do is short out some of the components in your phone because that will require microsoldering which will get expensive. Phones nowadays have so many components on them with heatsheilds and BGA chips that water has many places to pool up and just sit there which will cause corrosion and further damage to your phone.

At Coleman’s Mod & Repair, we have the proper equipment to repair water damaged devices. We have ultrasonic cleaners, hot plates, microscopes, and other testing tools to get the job done right. Don’t try and save money thinking rice will fix the water damage. Do you really want to risk losing all your valuable pictures of kids, vacations, special moments, etc.?

Put an end to phones in rice!

I was prompted to write this blog post due to a recent interaction with a customer. She had come into our shop with a water damaged iPhone 4S in a bag of rice. Thankfully, the customer brought it in within 24 hours of the water damage occuring and we were able to successfully repair the phone. A very happy customer!


Who is Matt Coleman?

A lot of people might know who I am but for those who don’t, here’s a little bit about myself and how I got to where I am today. My name is Matt Coleman and I am the owner of Coleman’s Mod & Repair. I am a proud father to my son James and happily married to my wife Krista.

My journey began in high school when I took an interest in electronics and took 2 years of computer science and engineering. Shortly after high school, my beloved Xbox 360 suffered from the red ring of death meaning it would not even turn on. Being the curious guy that I am, I grabbed my laptop and started researching what happened. At that time, there was a lot of bad information out there. I found 1 forum that showed multiple people who repaired their Xbox 360 by wrapping it in towels and letting it overheat for about 15 minutes. With nothing to lose I gave it a shot. 25 minutes later I had a working Xbox again. Little did I know I was doing more harm than good. My repair lasted about a week or so and I kept repeating the same process until it became a daily problem. Back to the laptop I went to do more research and find some other solutions. I tried several more “repairs” without any luck. After much searching, I found a professional way to repair it with a BGA rework station. Unfortunately, the machine also came with a $2,000 price tag. At that time, I was not in a position to buy it so I continued to tinker with Xbox 360s over the next few years trying to find cheaper alternatives. Following this, I received my first request to fix an iPhone 4S. I took the task without a second thought. I ordered a screen online and, when it came in, I made the call and the broken phone was on its way. It took me 2 hours to repair it but I was ecstatic when I powered it on and saw that everything worked. Word began to spread quickly about my iPhone repair and, before long, my phone started to ring and I was flooded with requests to fix broken phones. At this point, my repairs were still a hobby and were being done in my spare time. With requests pouring in and more and more Xbox/PlayStation consoles breaking down, I made a decision and purchased the BGA rework station. It was a long process of trial and error and I most likely destroyed many consoles before I knew how to use the machine properly. I remember to this day when I finally fixed my first one. I ran upstairs to tell my wife but she already knew I had finally done it judging from the huge smile on my face and the fact that I was jumping up and down like I had just won the lottery. From that point on, things progressed rapidly and became pretty serious. This was no longer just a hobby; this was a real opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and run with it. I made my first sales pitch to my wife and asked her ever so nicely if I could rip apart the garage and turn it into an office. She was naturally hesitant at my request to destroy our house, but she said yes knowing that I might actually have a chance to work for myself and do what I really love. For that, I can never thank her enough for supporting me 100%.

After about a year of working in the new garage with nothing but drywall and a concrete floor, I found another opportunity. I was browsing Facebook and came across an opportunity to apply for small business grant through the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. I gave them a call and within a few days I was sitting in a chair, presenting my business and what it is that I offer. Candy Pollard, the woman behind the enterprise, thought I had something really good and I was accepted into the program. 2 months later my business plan was ready and I was on my way to Ottawa to present it to the grant committee. The presentation and question period lasted about 45 minutes and it was the longest 45 minutes of my life. I left the room while everyone on the committee deliberated and within 5 minutes I was notified that I was one of the first people in Cornwall to receive the small business grant! Thanks to Candy and the business grant, I now have a professional work setting with a store front. 2015 has been an amazing year for myself and my wife. We were nominated for The Seekers Choice Awards for Best Home-based Business and currently sit in the top 5 with the winner to be announced on June 19th. Also, we received a feature in the Cornwall Living magazine which launched its latest issue just recently. We’re also happy to announce that there are some new services that will be launched later this year. One that we are particularly proud to offer is micro-soldering and water damage repair for laptops and MacBooks. Stay tuned to our blog or Facebook page for updates on these and other new features. At Coleman’s Mod & Repair, we have proudly served over 1,500 people with customers as far as Florida, British Columbia, Germany, and Australia! We are so excited to continue on this journey and can’t wait to see what the future has to bring!

Along the way, I have met a lot of great people along the way and none of this would be possible without them. I would first like to thank my wife for allowing me to pursue my dream. In no particular order, I would also like to thank Candy Pollard, Jon Jacobs, Tony Bray, Dan Bingley, James Worrall, Jon David, Zach Sabourin, Justin Leith, Rick Dore and Robert Depatie. All of you contributed to my success and for that I am grateful. Lastly, I want to thank my mom. There’s something to be said when she says she’s really proud of you. Thanks mom and thank you to everyone for your continued support!