What is Apple error 53? Here’s why you want to know what it is

What is Apple error 53? Here’s why you want to know what it is

Apple has been adding new features to their products which offer new ways to use your phones like the touch ID and Apple pay. Unfortunately, the way some of the new features work, you’re required to use the original parts in the phone to use them. Apple has programmed the home buttons on the newest devices to the CPU. So now, if you try to restore or upgrade the iOS on your device and it detects it’s not the original home button that came with the device you will get error 53. The only way to repair error 53 is to have the original home button or go to Apple and get it repaired. If you are required to go to Apple, there is no guarantee that they will fix your device. They may end up replacing your device and you will lose everything on the phone. There is no independent repair shop that can repair this error.

If you break the screen on your device, you can still get it repaired and keep the same home button. However, the home button is adhered to the glass with some pretty strong adhesive and can be easily damaged if not removed carefully. Some repair shops may not be aware of this problem and replace the home button without telling you. They may replace the screen and not proceed with caution and rip the cable. We are aware of the problems that may arise from a torn home button and can guarantee you that we exercise absolute caution when repairing them. With that being said, be mindful of this error when you break your screen or want to change the look of your device and get a different colour screen assembly. Shopping around for the cheapest price to repair your phone may cost you a lot more in the long run.


The current list of devices effected by this is the following:

iPhone 6
iPhone 6+
iPad Mini 3

We will update this post as we confirm other devices that will suffer from this problem.

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